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Best CNC Milling Machines

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CNC Fanum: the best investment for uncertain times. What is an article about:

Why is choosing a Fanum cnc milling machine the right choice?

  • quality of workmanship, work efficiency, configuration of the CNC machine according to your own needs and the best service and after-sales service. Only this and so much!

    Regardless of the type of cnc machine, the same, top-quality components are used in each machine, guaranteeing the best technical parameters of the machines. As standard, each machine is equipped with VisioCNC control software for checking, simulating and optimizing machining programs created by CAD / CAM systems available on the market. And the key to maintenance and continuity of production is fast and efficient service. During the closed borders, efficient and quick service intervention may decide "to be or not to be" for an entrepreneur who uses CNC machines purchased outside Poland.

Why is the Sigma series the most versatile CNC machine tool build?

  • impressive machining ranges in the X, Y, Z axes: X from 1900 to 6300 mm, Y from 1550 to 4000 mm, Z from 750 to 1500 mm;
  • the special design of the Z-axis support with more than 1m of travel allows the machine to fit in a room with a height of up to 3.5m;
  • the compact, massive gantry structure guarantees stiffness and allows for higher feed rates in linear axes;
  • possibility of alternating milling on two tables, and after joining the tops, the possibility of processing large-size details;
  • the use of a multi-spindle head with high-power spindles enables milling with various tools without the need to change the tool;
  • use of two or more processing heads depending on the model;
  • equipping the machine tool with an automatic loading / unloading system allows for serial processing of elements.

Such solutions in an optimal configuration will allow for comprehensive processing on one machine, significantly reducing time and increasing production efficiency.

Universal CNC Machining Centers

Precision CNC Machines

A wide range - catalog of available cnc milling machines for various purposes - on offer:

  • milling machine for wood, HPL, MDF, furniture board, OSB, plywood;
  • metal milling machine aluminum, copper, brass;
  • milling machine for plastics;
  • composite milling machine;
  • laminate milling machine, Kevlar, Carbon, Alucobond Dibound

Carpentry machining centers, also known as "carpentry robots"

The offer of CNC carpentry machines is addressed to manufacturers of wooden houses (modular houses) for the construction of walls, roof structures (roof truss) or other large-size structural elements. Carpentry machines are used for quick and precise cutting and processing (including milling, drilling, marking, tenoning) of wooden elements, trusses of frame buildings, wooden garden structures, prefabricated houses.

Customization of the cnc milling machine to individual needs

Specialists at FANUM always provide professional advice on the selection of the best machine variant (work area, equipment, etc.), always based on the specific production needs of the buyer. A flexible approach to construction, technological support for users of their machines, a full training package allowing them to fully use their potential.


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