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FANUM company directory

ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) - an international concern with its headquarters in Zurich. ABB is a technology leader supporting the digital transformation of the industry. With over 130 years of innovation behind it, the company operates in four global businesses - Electrification, Industrial Automation, Drive Systems, and Robotics and Automation.

In 2015, FANUM started cooperation with ABB, providing a Lambda VT 5-axis gantry machining center, dedicated to the precise processing of forms and models made of aluminum, wood, wood-based materials, composites and plastics. Three years later, ABB decided to purchase two more FANUM CNC machines - Lambda ST. Lambda VT and ST five-axis machining centers in the production of power transformers, wind turbine elements, photovoltaic solar panels, electric car charging stations. This is undoubtedly proof that FANUM machine tools have successfully passed the test, working for ABB - a giant and leader in many industries: metals and aluminum, automotive, construction, chemical, shipbuilding and marine, energy (solar, hydro, wind energy).


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