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Sigma ST CNC milling machine

CNC machining of plastic rotomolding products

BNC Machines supplies CNC milling machines for many industries, e.g. milling machines for processing metals, plastics and composites. BNC Machines is a partner of FANUM and represents our company on the Dutch market and in other Benelux countries. Thanks to our cooperation, the first FANUM 5-axis CNC machining center was installed in the Netherlands at Rotomoulding Nederland BV.

Rotomoulding BV is a company with over 20 years of experience in the production of plastic products by rotational molding. Rotomoulding BV produces liquid tanks with a capacity of 3 liters to 30,000 liters in series from 10 to 10,000 units. Other rotomolding products include containers, furniture (chairs, stools), large original equipment (OEM) diesel tanks, machine and part guards, road dams, slides and children's playhouses, floats and marquees, and much more.

Sigma ST 5-axis CNC milling machine at Rotomoulding is mainly used for efficient machining - trimming and surface finishing of rotational moulding products. Working ranges of the machine in the axes X = 4700 Y = 5500 Z = 1470 allow processing of large-size elements such as storage tanks, machine parts, slides and a children's playhouse, diesel fuel tanks, floats and sea buoys. At the customer's request, the machine was equipped with a 10kW high-speed HSD spindle, a 16-position automatic tool magazine, a tool probe and a detail probe, a vacuum installation to enable workpiece clamping with vacuum suction cups, and a tool cooling system with compressed (frozen to -35*) air through vortex tubes.


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