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FANUM company directory

Trio VT FANUM 3-axis CNC Machining Center for armature and ceramics at Cersanit

Cersanit, known worldwide for the production of bathroom ceramics, has invested in a specialized FANUM 3-axis CNC machining center for efficient machining of chemically aggressive materials.

Cersanit is a well-known manufacturer of bathroom fittings, producing sanitary ceramics and ceramic plates and stoneware. The Cersanit group includes European brands: Cersanit, Opoczno, Meissen Keramik, Pilkington's and Mei. The Cersanit Group is a leader on the bathroom furnishings market, boasting top quality sanitary ceramics dedicated to modern and classic interiors. It has 11 factories in Poland, Russia, Romania, Germany and Ukraine. Cersanit exports its products to 25 countries.

All appliances and furniture manufactured by Cersanit factories use high-quality coatings that ensure trouble-free cleaning and comfort of use. The brand focuses on innovative solutions and functional ideas that ensure hygiene and safety at the highest level.

3-axis CNC machining center TRIO VT - Design and technical data

TRIO VT CNC machining center is designed for machining solids, molds and models from aggressive and dusty materials, such as gypsum, as well as for efficient machining of composites, plastics and metals of non-ferrous alloys. The special purpose of this CNC machine tool is determined by the design features and protections, which enable trouble-free processing of corrosive and chemically aggressive materials.

  • Protection of guideways and drives of all axes with folding covers
  • Closed liquid cooling system of the milling spindle with an external chiller
  • Sealed machine enclosure with door for ergonomic loading and unloading

Machine working area ranges

    X axis 1500 [mm] up to 2500 mm* Y axis 2000 [mm] to 5000 mm* Z axis 700 [mm] to 1000 mm

* different range on request

  • Tool clamping type HSK F63 / ISO 30
  • Additional accessories: tool and workpiece measurement probes, 3D scanner

Safe and modern CNC FANUM machines - a healthy investment!

In the light of the law, the employer is obliged to provide employees with safe and hygienic working conditions. It must protect their health and life, preventing accidents at work and occupational diseases.

High work culture and building a positive image of a company that cares about its employees are inseparable elements of responsible business. The employer should ensure that the machines provided to employees protect them against injuries, the effects of hazardous substances or other harmful factors in the working environment, and take into account the relevant principles of ergonomics.


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