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FANUM company directory

Gamart S.A. is a wholesaler and retailer of building materials from the plastics industry. GAMART offers pipe systems made of PVC, PE, PP for water, gas and sewage systems, guttering systems made of PVC, non-effluent tanks, sewage wells, PVC carpets, various types of insulation systems in the form of Styrofoam, siding, plaster, wool, gypsum boards.

Curved PE arches for water made of high quality PE pipes

Rainwater Catcher

Patented and award winning system to capture rainwater from the gutter downpipe

Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) decking. Composite panels made from a mixture of wood flour and PVC, look like traditional wood, do not do not require renovation and painting.

Hybrid CNC milling machine - 5-axis milling and large format 3D printing

GAMART as well as FANUM counts on new technologies and innovative solutions. The result of our cooperation is development and implementation of additive manufacturing technology (AM) i.e. 3D printing option for 5-axis CNC milling machine.

The hybrid milling machine in GAMART SA has a working area (printing + milling) of 5m x 2.6m x 1.3m. On top of the Z axis support an innovative raw material transport system is mounted, which enables failure-free transport of up to 100m of any material. 3 different capacities of extruders (extruders) i.e. up to 12 kg/h, up to 30 kg/h and up to 50 kg/h. Nozzles with high material flow allow fast printing and the printing accuracy does not have to be perfect. The required part accuracy can be achieved by milling.

3D printing applications

Prototyping, small batch production or process support.

3D printing is ideal for rapid production of parts, prototypes and finished products, as well as the production of products with complex geometries and shapes, where machining would be too costly due to the need for multiple machining operations (turning, milling, grinding, etc.).

In addition to the benefits of cost analysis, manufacturing with 3D printing technology opens up new possibilities.

First of all, any new idea can be launched without unnecessary approval or preparation processes. All it takes is for the idea to be developed, reflected in a technical drawing and submitted for printing. There is no need to prepare or change production lines, create new molds, launch additional processes, including decision-making processes, which are often very time-consuming and usually involve management staff, and thus are expensive.

Using the additive manufacturing method to support production processes by creating spare parts, structural elements or other tools as elements of production lines, e.g. handles, guides, gauges or elements of mechanisms. We are talking about elements originally made of plastic or metal, which can be replaced by equivalents printed from plastic, thus gaining lightness.

With a wide range of materials available, the properties of the printed part can be adjusted to meet the requirements of the original part. So, as you can see, by investing in 3D printing incremental manufacturing, you can not only fulfill the original need, but it can be used in many different areas of your business.


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