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FANUM company directory

MBHELM is an international manufacturer of molds and models. The company produces, builds and repairs casting models made of wood, foam, synthetic resin and polystyrene. MBHELM is a well known and respected company on German market and since some time has been dynamically developing also in Poland. Models and moulds are made on the basis of sent projects or a sketch.

MBHELM offers specialized solutions for the following industries

  • Energy industry - models and moulds for wind and water power stations
  • Automotive industry - models and moulds for gearboxes, engine blocks, pumps / rotors, prototypes
  • Marine - models and moulds for boat rudders, propellers, pumps / rotors, bearing housings, transition covers, prototypes
  • Mining industry - models and moulds of shearer loader components, gears, housings, pump and rotor housings
  • CAD / CAM - casting technology projects, designs and visualizations of prototypes, modifications of existing projects
  • Service of models - regeneration of models, filling of defects, applying new coatings

CNC machining of complex large-size models can take even several days. Therefore all Fanum CNC machine tools are equipped with special encoders which in case of power failure remember the last position. Thanks to this there is no need to set the starting points of interpolated axes, the so-called homing / zeroing. In practice this naturally means an increase in the productivity of the machine tool.

For making models MB HELM uses FANUM CNC machines:


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  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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