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The Łukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Aviation conducts extensive international research cooperation with European Union countries, designs and creates innovative technological solutions: aircraft engines, aerodynamics, aviation constructions and material tests (e.g. composite materials).
When designing aircraft and its components, the Institute closely cooperates with global giants of the aviation industry, such as General Electric, Airbus or Pratt & Whitney, as well as institutions from the space industry, including the European Space Agency. The Institute's strategic research areas are aerospace, space and unmanned technologies (aircraft, helicopters, meteorological rockets, engines, accessories, propulsion). Research and services for domestic and foreign industry in the field of material and composite, incremental, remote sensing, energy and mining technologies are also carried out here. An important aspect of the business is also the intensive implementation of new fields such as: computer aided design, new materials testing techniques, adaptive systems design, micro and nanotechnology applications, the use of alternative energy sources, the use of aviation technologies in medicine and healthcare, and local air transport.

  • New Technology Center (design and testing of rocket engines),
  • Engineering Design Center,
  • Materials and Structures Research Center (implementation of technologies in the field of research on the strength of materials, components of aircraft engines and other structures, strength tests of materials (tensile, compression, bending)
  • Center of Space Technologies (rendering research and development services for Polish and foreign enterprises in order to increase the competitiveness of their products)
  • Composite Technology Center (providing research services in the field of composite materials, providing new manufacturing technologies for the aviation industry)
  • Center for Transport and Energy Conversion.

Main recipients of the Institute's services: aviation industry, automotive industry, chemical industry, railways, energy, construction, space technologies, shipbuilding, defense industry, railway industry, food processing industry, sport.

The Institute of Aviation offers: modeling - model building (profile, wing, fuselage), chassis for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), chassis for aircraft and helicopters, propeller design, wind turbine rotor design, turbine and fan design, modeling and design of passenger transport systems and freight, aircraft drives, metal structures, composite structures, aviation structures made of glass and carbon composites, prototyping of elements, parts, hulls, devices, mechanical, static and electrical structures, automation, both in aviation and workshop technologies, design of non-slip ABS systems , design and testing of hybrid rocket engines, design of technology demonstrators and many others. In its extensive activity, the Institute uses, among others, a comprehensive and multi-functional 5-axis FANUM Lambda GT CNC Machining Center for cnc milling 3D models, injection and foundry molds, wood and wood-based materials, models made of composite laminates, molds for thermoforming for plastics processing, milling GRP laminates (glass reinforced plastic).


  • Wielopole Skrzyńskie 11B
  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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