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Lambda VTM CNC machining center

CNC machine for milling composite products

MARKOS specializes in glass fiber reinforced composites. It is also a producer of a wide range of composite and laminate products, such as:

  • Wind power plant components (generator housings and rotor hub covers) made of polyester laminate
  • Yacht construction elements (formwork, headliners, sanitary segments and other fittings from laminate)
  • Automotive components (superstructures, camper bodies, front and rear hoods, engine covers, bumpers, dashboards, consoles)
  • Lifeboats and tourist boats (motor and rowing boats)
  • Fish farm components (tanks with a diameter of 8 to 20 m)

Lambda VTM 5 axis CNC machining center has been installed in a new building to manufacture enclosures for offshore wind turbines. CNC milling involves making a model, mold and final product.

The gantry design allows the machine to maintain high rigidity with a large working field. The working field is 13 meters long, 4.2 meters wide and 2 meters high, which will also allow MARKOS to produce 15-meter-long motor yachts.

The rigid steel structure and the double-sided drive system ensure high accuracy in the entire working area of the machine. Access for loading the workpieces is provided from the front and from above, as the machine is equipped with an automatic roof. The bellows roof also prevents dust from escaping from the workspace, and combined with a highly efficient dust axtraction system inside the work area, greatly improves comfort for workers.

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