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CNC machines for the production of scooter components

CNC for interior installation of vehicles

NAWI Solutions is a leader among manufacturers of laminate products. A company with over 20 years of experience produces products, elements for the industry:

  • railway,
  • automotive,
  • motorboat - water equipment,
  • energy and aviation,
  • agricultural and construction machinery,
  • public transport,
  • medical industry,
  • swimming pools and much more.

NAWI laminates are characterized by high durability, therefore they are eagerly used in the above-mentioned industries. Nawi can produce laminates as a subcontractor for any industry. Execution on the basis of the submitted technical documentation includes: models, forms, end elements armed with metal inserts, varnishing. The readiness to make an element for each industry results from the well-equipped machine park of the company. Recently, FANUM has also delivered a Sigma ST 5-axis gantry CNC machining center for NAWI.

Sigma ST 5-axis CNC machining center

- Machining ranges: X- 3400 mm, Y- 2800 mm, Z- 1300 mm
- Solid aluminum plate worktops with helicoil M10 steel inserts (with pressurization)
- ST7 head + HSD ES779 electrospindle
- Automatic tool changer magazine
- Workpiece probe
- Busch Mink vacuum pump 140 m3.

Sigma ST is a 5-axis CNC machining center for the production of large-size models for thermoforming, laminating or casting. It will perform 5-axis milling of aluminum, carbon fibers, ceramics and acrylic for you. Thanks to a unique system controlled by dynamic vector analysis, we have the option of making single-use styrofoam models. The use of an automatic tool change system reduces the time needed to complete projects.

NAWI composite products manufactured, among others, with the use of our CNC machines have many advantages. They are primarily characterized by very high resistance to weather conditions as well as high stability and chemical durability, thanks to which they are used in many different industries:

CNC laminate products for the railway industry

  • external components such as vehicle heads, bumpers, headlight covers, roofs,
  • internal elements such as lining of walls and ceilings, toilets, restaurant carriages, driver's cabins, desktops,
  • other laminate products / elements made on the basis of the submitted technical documentation: models, forms, end elements armed with metal inserts.

CNC laminate products for the automotive industry

  • exterior vehicle body parts,
  • interior parts of vehicle equipment,
  • internal and external parts of caravans,
  • bodywork, covers, fairings, spoilers, wheel arches, bonnet,
  • bumpers, motorhome buildings, superstructures,
  • motorcycle and quad exterior parts, jet ski exterior parts, snowmobile exterior parts.

CNC laminate products for the motorboat industry, water equipment

  • boats, yachts, canoes,
  • formwork, soffits, deck furniture, sanitary segments,
  • other laminate fittings.

CNC laminate products for the energy and aviation industries

  • laminate parts for the aviation industry: nacelles and engine fairings, air ducts and inlets, wing tips, vertical and horizontal tail, fuselage nose and tips, bonding metal covers of wings, fuselages and tail covers,
  • interior parts of the cabin: shelves, floor panels, ceiling panels, wall panels,
  • wind turbine covers.

CNC laminate products for agriculture - agricultural and construction machinery

  • agricultural machinery covers, trailer fenders, wheel arches, tractor bonnets, cab roofs,
  • fan covers, cistern bottoms, concrete casting molds.

CNC laminate products in public transport - for rail vehicles (tram), wheeled vehicles (bus) or trolleybuses, among others

  • external elements: vehicle heads, bumpers, headlight covers, roofs,
  • internal elements: lining of walls and ceilings, elements of seats, driver's cab, desks.

CNC laminate products for the medical industry

  • elements for medical equipment,
  • magnetic resonance shields,
  • specialist seat covers.

CNC laminate products Pools

  • polyester garden pools,
  • water tanks, pool basins.


  • Wielopole Skrzyńskie 11B
  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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