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CNC machining center for pergolas, gazebos, houses, wooden toys

Milling machine for the garden program

Stelmet S.A. (Stelmet Group) a company with over 30 years of tradition. It is the largest integrated producer and distributor of wooden garden architecture in Poland and Europe. Production and distribution of the so-called garden program - products made of pine and spruce wood, such as piles, palisades, rollbots, landings, terrace boards, fences, pergolas, flower beds, gazebos or tool houses, arched structures such as arches made of glued wood. They are intended for fencing, equipping and decorating gardens, plots of land, terraces, parks, supermarkets and recreational spaces.

In 1985, Stanisław Bieńkowski, the founder and President of the Management Board of Stelmet S.A., launched the production of wooden elements of garden architecture. In the following years, the company increased its production, started exporting and became a leading producer of wooden garden architecture in Poland and Europe. In 2015, Stelmet took over Grange Fencing in Great Britain (UK). Grange Fencing is the second largest distributor of wooden garden architecture in the British Isles.

The assortment of the Stelmet Group consists of over 2.6 thousand. designs, and their products are sold in over 25 countries, including the largest markets of the European Union - Great Britain, Germany and France, where the Stelmet Group has gained a strong position. Only FSC® certified wood is used - Forest Stewardship Council® - which means that the raw material comes from forests managed in accordance with the "Principles of Good Forest Stewardship".

The catalog of Stelmet products is organized according to the so-called garden program, enabling customers to purchase individual elements as well as complete sets.

CNC milling in wood with the Sigma ZM milling machine

With the Sigma ZM CNC milling machine, we will mill such elements of the garden program as, among others:

  • Lamella fences, tight fences, board fences, louvered fences, hunting fences, picket fences, grilles, gates;
  • Rolbots, Vampires, Palisades, Piles, Bolts;
  • Flower beds, Vegetable stands;
  • Cabinets, Garages, Woodlands, Dumpsters, Composters;
  • Cottages, Swings, Sandboxes.

CNC joinery machines for wood and wooden products

Are you looking for a specific CNC machine, e.g. for the production of wooden furniture? Take advantage of our offer of CNC machines for every factory production profile. Check out our other CNC references and customers in Trusted Nam.

Polish wood milling machines


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  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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