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Machines for processing plastics

CNC machine tool for polymer composites

Sigma ST 5-axis machine tool for CNC machining of molds and models made of plastic (laminates, composites) and aluminum. The machine for Stratiforme Poland in Żyrardów left FANUM in the following configuration:

- rigid gantry structure,
- axial ranges X = 4700 Y = 5500 Z = 1470,
- two movable tables made of a solid aluminum plate with a flat surface of 2000x2200 mm each, with threaded holes for mechanical clamping, and holes for vacuum clamping,
- two-axis milling head type ST7,
- high-speed electrospindle HSD ES789 18 kW HSK F63 with automatic tool change,
- 3D VisioCNC control software for optimization, visualization and control of CNC machining,
- tool length and diameter probe,
- automatic tool magazine, rotary 15 positions,
- dust extraction hood,
- vacuum pumps,
- safety bumpers,
- dustproof housing with a roof and interior lighting.

The use of Sigma ST CNC machining center at Stratiforme Poland:

  • driver's cabins,
  • fronts of trains,
  • toilet modules,
  • interior fittings,
  • external elements,
  • doors, roofs.

Composites for railways

Stratiforme Poland mainly produces composites for the railway industry, offering comprehensive customer service - from design, to delivery and after-sales service. The Polish facility is part of a group that has existed on the international stage for 50 years, with branches in France, Germany, India and Morocco.

The Stratiforme factory in Żyrardów has been operating since 2000 and is the third largest factory in the Stratiforme Compreforme group, serving customers from Central and Eastern Europe and strengthening its position with existing customers.

The factory in Poland specializes in the production of composite elements for the railway industry: driver's cabins, train heads, toilet modules, internal fittings, external elements, doors, roofs, etc.

Stratiforme Poland mainly produces train heads (driver's cabins), toilet modules, emergency exit doors and elements of external and internal train lining. Since the main goal of today's designers of rolling stock is to increase the speed of trains, which is associated with reducing the weight of individual elements, composite structures have a great advantage over steel structures.

Various technologies for the production of polymer composite products at Stratiforme

- manual lamination,
- vacuum bag method,
- RTM (resin transfer molding),
- SMC (sheet molding compound),
- BMC (bulk molding compound),
- infusion method.

The infusion method has become particularly popular in the last 10 years, not only in the construction of aircraft, but especially in the production of yachts, motor boats and wind turbine blades.

Joining composites with steel

The know-how and fifty years of experience of Stratiforme allow us to offer our customers a fully integrated element that meets all the required standards. The steel elements, their position and the connection system (laminating, gluing) with the composite are strictly defined and tested in the Stratiforme laboratory. They are tested in terms of strength, with the smallest possible weight and optimal shape (e.g. multi-material structure of the floor of a train car called Ultimat).

Composites for the medical, transport, aviation and military industries

The composites produced by Stratiforme are also used in industries other than railways.

  1. For the military industry
    - shelters and transport containers,
  2. For the aviation industry
    - composite flight simulator casings,
  3. For the transport industry (city transport), Stratiforme produces fully equipped
    - composite driver's cabins,
    - internal and external building elements for rail vehicles (trams and metro trains),
    - car bodies,
    - equipment for special vehicles, fire engines, ambulances and police cars
  4. For the medical industry
    - elements of medical equipment,
    - composite mobile hospitals.

The Stratiforme offer also includes luxurious series of furniture (armchairs, desks, bathtubs, tables) that meet high aesthetic and quality requirements, and even utility furniture.

An interesting fact is that the company's portfolio also includes a car body of the F3 formula, which Stratiforme specialists have designed for several teams of this class of motor racing.

Examples of projects for which Stratiforme Poland has produced and delivered composite elements - mainly elements of external and internal linings of the train, in many cases also the driver's cabin:
Metro Warsaw - Poland, producer Alstom Transport,
Metro Budapest - Hungary, producer of Alstom Transport,
Metro Amsterdam - the Netherlands, producer of Alstom Transport,
Istanbul Metro - Turkey, producer Alstom Transport,
Casablanca tram - Morocco, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
Regional tram and train TTNG - France, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
Moscow - Russia tram, producer PESA SA,
Regional train MI09 - France, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
TER2NNG double-deck regional train - France, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
REGIO2N double-deck regional train - France, manufacturer Bombardier Transport,
TALENT2 regional train - Germany, manufacturer Bombardier Transport,
SKANE regional train - Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
LINT regional train - Germany, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
XCC regional train - Germany, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
Regional train ET430 - Germany, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
TGV high-speed train - France, Italy, Spain, manufacturer Alstom Transport,
AGV high-speed train - France, Italy, Spain, manufacturer Alstom Transport.


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