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CNC Services of FANUM

Responding to numerous customer queries and expectations, we are expanding our offer with Manufacturing Services performed in retail or series. Services are performed based on technical documentation provided by the client or we base on documentation prepared by our specialists.

We have our own design office in both mechanics and automation. A rich machinery park and equipment, and most importantly very experienced employees - engineers, allow us to solve many tasks and manufacturing problems reported by our clients.

Broad range of services includes the production of various machine parts and other structures, from design and production preparation, through all stages of machining, joining and surface finishing.

We provide services performed on many CNC devices: cutting and machining of all metallic and non-metallic materials, such as:

  • stainless steel,
  • coated steel,
  • ordinary steel and black steel,
  • steel pipes,
  • aluminum,
  • plastics, including rubber and its derivatives,
  • other materials (wood, polycarbonate, polyamide, polypropylene, etc.).

We specialize in machining on CNC machines (lathes and milling CNC machining centers). We also have high-class conventional machine tools. The use of modern devices in the production process provides us with the possibility of obtaining high quality in CNC turning and milling processes.

Our comprehensive manufacturing services offer includes:

  • design in the CAD / CAM system,
  • CNC machining: CNC milling, CNC turning, grinding,
  • plasma and laser cutting,
  • welding steel constructions,
  • thermal annealing of the furnace structure,
  • surface finishing of manufactured products (sandblasting, varnishing, painting).

Machinery Park


tokarko frezarka cnc  

Lathe and Milling CNC HAAS ST-2


  • turning length max: 533 mm
  • machining space: 806 mm
  • turning diameter: 381 mm
tokarko frezarka cnc  

CNC Milling Center HAAS VF-3


  • 1016 mm - axis X travel
  • 508 mm - axis Y travel
  • 635 mm - axis Z travel
centrum obróbkowe cnc  

CNC Machining Center Vision Wide NF 10233


  • axis X travel [mm] 10 200
  • axis Y travel [mm] 3 200
  • axis Z travel [mm] 1,400
  • machining up to five sides using angle heads
centrum obróbkowe cnc  

CNC Machining Center Vision Wide VF 3026


  • axis X travel [mm] 3 200
  • axis Y travel [mm] 2,300
  • axis Z travel [mm] 1 020
  • CNC milling, drilling, threading
  • machined materials: structural steel, aluminum
  • machining up to five sides using angle heads
wycinarka plazmowa       

Plasma Cutter AJAN SHP 260A with 2D Head


  • max width: 2000 mm
  • max. length: 3000 mm
  • plasma cutting thickness for steel: 36 mm
  • cutting thickness for aluminum: 32 mm
  • cutting thickness for stainless steel: 32 mm
  • steel gas cutting thickness: 100 mm


CNC Machining

We perform machining of details with CNC milling machines and conventional milling machines. We specialize in mass production of elements and subassemblies using the latest technologies and CNC machines.

Materials we process:

  • steel,
  • stainless steel
  • coated steel
  • aluminum alloys,
  • yellow-metal,
  • plastics.
obróbka skrawaniem obróbka skrawaniem obróbka skrawaniem



Welding materials made of acid-resistant steel, construction steel, aluminum using TIG MAG MIG methods. Then we give the finished elements to heat treatment. We offer prototyping, providing technical support to our engineering staff during the implementation of the project.

Material range of offered services:

  • steel elements
  • acid resistant elements
  • aluminum components
spawanie spawanie spawanie


Heat Treatment - Furnace Annealing


piec do odpuszczania i wyważania konstrukcji stalowych       

Steel structure annealing furnace - parameters:

  • Heat treatment surface
    length - 10300 mm
    width - 2700 mm
    height - 1400 mm
  • maximum weight 12,000 kg (steel)
  • heating power 300 kW / 600o C
  • 3 heating zones




  • sandblasting,
  • varnishing,
  • painting,
  • painting steel constructions.


  • Wielopole Skrzyńskie 11B
  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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