CNC machine for wood and aluminum doors and windows

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Milling doors and CNC machines for the production of aluminum and wooden joinery

CNC Machines for the production of doors and windows

FANUM CNC machines for the production of doors dedicated to the processing of all types of wood, composites and aluminum:

  1. OMEGA VT portal CNC machining center
  2. Universal 5-Axis CNC Portal Milling Machine from the SIGMA series

The Omega VT with 7 interpolated axes is equipped with a double-supported, rigid portal with servo motor drive on both sides. The through-flow design of the machine enables continuous operation in an automatic line. The use of specialized angular and drilling aggregates allows for high efficiency and flexibility.

OMEGA VT can be equipped with several types of milling heads, depending on the intended use of the milling machine. You can choose the heads: orthogonal (perpendicular rotary axes "A" and "C") and cardanic - with an inclined rotary axis "A". For high productivity, the OMEGA VT is equipped with a revolver tool magazine and an additional arm for a circular saw with a diameter of up to 400 mm. The machine has a CE certificate and a CE Declaration of Conformity.

The SIGMA series is a very universal design. Appropriate configuration and retrofitting make the Sigma's range of applications really wide. More about the Sigma CNC milling machine HERE

Possible types of door processing:
1) edge milling,
2) milling for the lock pocket in the door leaves,
3) milling for hinges
4) drilling, sawing at the angle of frames and door frames,
5) boring the door handle hole and drilling the knob,
6) Create door surface with drawings, patterns, surfaces, waves, etc.

CNC Door milling

5-axis milling machine for aluminum and wooden joinery performs:

  • milling of internal and external, technical and medical doors as well as LED doors
  • milling of plexiglass protective doors - as a barrier against viruses (Covid-19),
  • milling of steel, wooden and MDF frames,
  • milling of leaves and doors made of wood-based panels and wood
  • milling doors: laminated, varnished, "Block" type doors, anti-burglary doors, sliding doors, composite doors, solid wood doors, folding doors,
  • milling fireproof and soundproof doors
  • processing of elements for the installation of sliding doors

CNC production of door leaves - advantages

Each production aided by computer design, and performed on CNC machines, shows undeniable advantages - precision of workmanship and repeatability of manufactured elements.

Using FANUM CNC machines, both small batches and large series of doors are produced. The degree of automation depends on the size of production batches expected by the customer.

The type of wings and the quantity produced are irrelevant, together we will find a solution tailored to your needs.


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