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Operation of CNC machines - The operator and his role

Operating a CNC machine: plotter, milling machine, machining center and other numerically controlled machines are tasks for the operator. A CNC operator is a job especially for people who want to combine their professional work with mechanics. The ability to operate machine tools is especially useful now, when the industry dynamically invests in new solutions and automation. Its role in the production process is very important - proper processing depends on its qualifications and skills.

Even though CNC machines operate automatically, human control is still needed. The operator must be able to supervise the entire process. Milling experience and mechanical education are useful, as well as mathematical and computational knowledge, manual dexterity, accuracy and an "eye to detail". In addition, the ability to read technical drawings and operate measuring instruments is important.

Service of Numerically Controlled Machines

CNC Machine Operator

The tasks of the operator of CNC machines (numerically controlled machine tools) depend on the specific company in which he is employed. However, his duties usually include:

  • tool setting and fastening,
  • taking care of the quality of manufactured elements,
  • checking the dimensions of manufactured details and correcting errors,
  • ongoing control of the operation of the machine / CNC machine tool,
  • setting the appropriate tools in the magazine of the CNC machine tool
  • servicing the CNC machine tool and its diagnostics,
  • configuration of CNC machines
  • programming of CNC machines,

To become an operator of CNC machine tools, you must complete appropriate courses and training in this field. They guarantee, with appropriate involvement of the trainee, obtaining a certificate that a CNC machine operator should have. During the training, the candidate acquires the necessary theoretical knowledge, but the most important are of course practical skills, which he will later use in working with the CNC machine.
CNC machines Operation

In terms of education, it is worth having at least a basic vocational school, preferably with a mechanical or related profile. Although no higher education is required to work as a CNC machine operator, it will certainly be appreciated more and more by employers. Earlier experience in operating lathes, milling machines, laser punching machines, including conventional ones, is not only positively received by employers, but practically opens the door to work in any company using computer-controlled machine tools, and the candidate himself can count on a higher salary.

Programming of CNC machines

It is worth getting interested in the work of a CNC machine operator, because there is a great demand for such specialists on the market. This makes it easier to find a better job and an attractive salary, especially at the beginning of your professional career.

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