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3D machining control software - VisioCNC

A great tool for visualization, optimization and control
of CNC machining

The control system is the heart of every machine, so we have made every effort to ensure that only the best components available at the heart of FANUM CNC machine tool.

Each FANUM CNC machine tool is equipped with 3D VisioCNC control software. It is our proprietary CNC program that allows you to easily edit and optimize G-code.

A simple and clear interface in any language enables quick and accurate simulation analysis of the program, as well as the introduction of adjustments to the sequence and parameters of operations, methods and parameters of intermediate transitions, as well as the length and diameter of the tool (e.g. when introducing new tools to use or after sharpening them) without the need to edit the program in other CAM software.

Quick CNC machining simulation and code optimization

The VisioCNC software fully reflects all the functions of the numerical controller, which in practice means its 100% compatibility with the CNC machine. Basing the simulation directly on G-codes makes it possible to accurately reproduce the operation of the controller, which makes VisioCNC an excellent tool for program control, collision detection both during machining and in machine adjustments.

A simple and clear interface in Polish (or any other language) allows you to quickly and accurately simulate the machining program. After writing the program, the CNC programmer can visually check the operation of the program, make any corrections and optimize the machine movements before CNC machining the part. Corrections to the sequence and parameters of the operation, the method and parameters of the intermediate transitions, as well as the length and diameter of the tool can be made without the need to edit the program in other CAM software.

Built-in parametric macros

The advantage of VisioCNC is the ability to create macro-based programs.

The program has built-in parametric macros, such as

  • drilling,
  • tenoning,
  • pivot sockets,
  • planning, cutting,
  • contour milling.

Parametric macros allow you to design basic operations without the use of additional CAM software.

It is possible to expand the macro database with your own - defining the macro algorithm once allows you to use it any number of times without the need to redefine the code.

Basic VisioCNC software features:

• tool path optimization,
• optimization of all movements of the kinematic system and transitions between operations,
• writing and editing programs created - imported from CAD / CAM,
• testing of written programs and conducting machining simulations,
• visualization of machining - machine tool operation
• checking the limits of the range of interpolated axes
• minimization (optimization) of machining time,
• self-correction,
• anti-collision module.

Advanced optimization of the CNC tool path and transitions between operations

With the help of VisioCNC, we will optimize the tool path to reduce machining times as much as possible.

The applied system for the optimization of inter-operation transitions is aimed at the maximum reduction of the time between successive operations during CNC machining. During idle movements, the system activates all axes needed to move the head to a new position, and not sequentially, one axis after another, as in older systems. Thanks to this system, the passage of the tool takes place:

  • at the maximum possible speed for the machine
  • along the shortest possible path
  • with maximum "smoothing" of the tool path

The above in combination with the feed optimization results in such benefits as:

  • shortening the time of performing production tasks, which also results in savings, among others in the consumption of machinery, tools and power supply,
  • increasing the durability of the machine mechanics, as the movement of the machine tool components is smoother and more gentle,
  • the forces and overloads acting on the mechanics of the machine are smaller, especially during frequent and significant changes in speed and direction of movement,
  • significantly increase the productivity of the machine.

VisioCNC has the function of creating a mirror image processing (especially useful when programming the processing of symmetrical details, such as, for example, elements of chairs).

These are just some of the features of the VisioCNC software. It is included in the price of the machine. The customer, also included in the price, receives the PCX - a program for easy and quick operation of all functions of the FANUM CNC machine tool.

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