CNC Machine Roof Below Cover

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CNC Machine Roof Below Cover

ATC Roof for gantry CNC milling machines

CNC machine roof below cover is an innovative solution that minimizes dust from the working area of ​​the machine tool.

Safe CNC machining of dusty materials.

During mechanical CNC machining, there are many types of hazards related to the workspace simultaneously.

Their reduction requires

cutting off the dangerous space from the operator and other people who may be in the vicinity of the machine

protection of the external space against elements and substances that may leave this area and hit or affect people outside it. The kickback of the processed material, the formation of a large amount of chips, sawdust, vapors and dust are the most common threats to the health and sometimes life of the operator during the operation of a CNC machine tool. Dust may not only cause health ailments and occupational diseases, but also create a risk of fire and explosion.

In order to avoid such situations, it is necessary to clean regularly - it is recommended to remove dust and chips from the surfaces of machines, floors and walls. Dust deposits are a real danger because if they are disturbed, dust clouds with a high concentration of fine grains are formed, causing explosions. Then cooling with compressed air is not recommended.

Physical shields are still widely recognized as the only sensible safeguard. Why is it worth using them?

Because simple solutions are always the best. It is also worth emphasizing the economic aspect of the discussed measures - they are simply the cheapest. In industrial practice, however, they are still underestimated and, therefore, too rarely or too little used. Unfortunately, it results from the fact that in the design process, the principle of risk reduction is usually not followed from the very beginning.

The philosophy of our company in the field of safety is aimed at increasing it, which is always beneficial to people. The specialists at FANUM, from the very beginning, when designing machines, put the welfare of people in the foreground and strive to increase the comfort of work of our machine users - CNC operators and other people around the machine tools. A complete fence has been a standard equipment for our machine tools for a long time, and sometimes, at the customer's request, the machine is fully built-up with a roof. This has a great impact on maintaining cleanliness, compliance with health and safety conditions in the workplace and guaranteeing fully safe operation. The fence delivered with the machine is made of profiled steel sheet and with doors that open automatically to the sides or with a roller shutter that opens upwards, used for loading workpieces. The roof option, once considered unnecessary "luxury", is now attracting more and more attention. It is gaining popularity especially in plants that process dusty materials.

The solution to which we would like to draw your attention is simple, therefore effective and innovative at the same time. We are talking about the roofing for machine tools, which is the industrial folding cover. This solution has been a fixed point of our offer for a long time and is becoming more and more popular day by day, which you will not see today in other Polish manufacturers of CNC machine tools.

The installation of a folding roof brings tangible benefits, and the most noticeable is the colossal improvement in health and safety conditions in the production hall and the reduction of health risks for employees. The cover is made of special materials and fabrics made of high-strength ceramic polymers.

The translucent, translucent material does not obscure the processing space, ensuring sufficient visibility during processing. On the other hand, it limits the escape of fumes, dust and chips from the working area. Reduces the suction power generated during operation: carbon fibers, composite materials and evaporated cooling lubricant. It has antistatic properties, is resistant to high temperatures and is resistant to severe abrasion and shearing caused by hot shearing chips. Most often it is used in bellows folds close to the work area with fast chip evacuation where large amounts of aluminum are sheared as hot chips. Resistant to petroleum products (gasoline based), oils. The fabrics used in the material make it self-extinguishing, but the constant use of coolant is still recommended. The two-layer textile insert provides high lateral stiffness and a very attractive, aesthetic appearance. The roof is moved by rollers, and the motorized version makes it easier to open and close the machine roof.


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