Nesting and CNC machining of furniture boards

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What is nesting? What arethe advantages of nesting CNC machines?

In the manufacturing process, Nesting refers to the process of arranging cutting patterns in order to minimize the loss of raw materials. Examples include fabricating the parts from a flat raw material such as plates or sheet metal. It is a technology developed for carpentry, the main assumption of which is the optimized processing of chipboard, laminated board, raw board, MDF board, plywood, processing of dibond boards, and corian processing.

Most often, this processing involves the machine performing operations such as: cutting the board, milling, drilling, cutting grooves or drilling the material. Thanks to the use of a nesting machine, we obtain optimal use of the material (maximum reduction of waste), high quality of processing and time savings, significantly increasing production efficiency. The nesting technology is used in particular in the production of furniture bodies, large and small elements of complex shape, furniture fronts, structural elements of upholstered furniture or advertising materials.


Center with two working fields. Time savings in the production process thanks to the Nesting technology

For nesting, processing, cutting and panel cutting, FANUM offers two types of CNC machining centers. These are machines equipped with one, two or even four working fields and units. We are talking about 3 and 4-axis CNC devices, including:

  • Trio NT
  • Sigma L.

Large-format CNC centers for machining chipboards, plywood, MDF, laminated boards, aluminum, plastic, acrylic and mineral-acrylic boards and others. Irreplaceable in the production of furniture.

These machines - nesting CNC machining centers, designed for processing boards, furniture elements produced in large series. The devices have a wide range of automation possibilities and are available with various equipment variants. High-performance plate processing with the latest nesting technology with a design that enables the shortest processing cycles, guaranteeing the best processing results. A significant advantage of this manufacturing technology is obtaining precisely formatted elements with an already made groove (groove) for the rear wall or rebate and all the necessary vertical openings for rims, horizontal partitions, joints.

In addition, the entire machining process takes place without the additional manual labor involved in material handling and therefore significantly contributes to time savings. Clamping of the material is carried out using a vacuum raster table. In order to protect the table, it is fixed on it with a support plate which is sucked in with a vacuum pump. The actual plate is milled and the tool cuts into the base plate only by a tenth of a millimeter. The spindles are equipped with dust collectors, connected by means of two collectors to a central system of separation. Enrichment with the fourth axis, in the form of a drilling unit or a drilling and cutting unit, turns out to be necessary when the machining requires a deviation of the tool from the vertical, e.g. machining pockets with locks or drilling holes for hinges.

Furniture Board Nesting

The key factor in nesting, however, is the software that is fully integrated into the panel processing. FANUM CNC centers are equipped with a program for optimizing the cutting of boards, enabling effective formatting and drilling on one machine. (The optimization enables the creation of a virtual warehouse of useful waste, which remembers pieces of profiles long enough to be used in the next optimizations of cutting boards.) It allows you to distribute work in a few seconds on many different sheets, the sizes of which are determined by the operator. Thanks to the comprehensive import possibilities of various nesting modules, as well as transparent interfaces, these machines have a very wide range of applications: furniture factories, for manufacturers of interior design systems and furniture fronts.

These high-performance CNC machines have the most modern CNC control systems equipped with self-diagnosis and teleservice modules. Connected to the general management system of Smart Factory, they can not only be remotely controlled, but also inform about upcoming service inspections or current and statistical performance on an ongoing basis and without interrupting work. Factory-equipped with a system enabling full automation of loading and unloading of work tables, which FANUM also convinces and encourages its customers to.

Corian CNC

Corian boards are processed like wood boards, either by hand or with CMC numerically controlled machines. The relatively simple processing of Corian as a finishing material and the possibility of making invisible connections make the Corian board extremely aesthetic. Acrylic countertops and mineral-acrylic countertops are used in residential buildings - a solid surface Corian countertop will work very well in the kitchen or bathroom - as well as various service and public facilities - in gastronomy, hotels, offices, shops, health care centers .

The individual stages of Corian processing are: cutting, milling, punching, grinding, polishing. Corian elements can also be shaped by thermoforming. The minimum bend radius of the board surface depends on its thickness, material color and the design of the furniture itself.

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