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Refurbished & Remanufactured CNC parts for sale

Are you looking for spare parts for your CNC machine? We offer the sale of refeurbished parts for CNC machines. It is a great alternative to new parts because you get the highest quality original parts at a lower price, with the same warranty.

As a manufacturer and supplier of cnc machines, we know how important it is to provide adequate support for the proper functioning of the machine. Thus, we offer you many additional options - accessories and spare parts new and reconditioned - for your CNC machines. We provide professional advice in the selection of individual components.

CNC spare parts reconditioned / after service repair - available immediately:


  • RC electrospindle 110 / 22fpb3bicpe32 11c170 380v 200 / 400hz 12000/24000 10hp 17.5a
  • Electrospindle Model ES789 Taper HSK-F63 Power 15kw Rpm 24.000 Volt 380 4 Poles
  • Electrospindle Model ES779 Taper HSK-F63 Power 10kws1 / 12kw Rpm 22.000 Volt 380 4
  • Electrospindle Mod ES929 Bi4pnl 7.5kwc + Cs 2/3 24000rpm Taper ISO30 Cod.H616h0822
  • RC135 / 2240rcpe32dx C350526 electrospindle 380v 400 / 800hz 12000/24000 7.4kw Rpm
  • RC135 / 2240rcpe32dx electrospindle 7.4kw 10hp 18000/24000 600-800hz
  • Electrospindle Model Es929 Taper HSK-F63 Power 10kws1 / 12kw Rpm 24.000 Volt 380 4 Poles Cod.H6161h099
  • 7.5 Kw 18a ES339 ER40 Air Colling 380v 12000/24000 Rpm Electric Spindle 400/800 Hz
  • RC135 / 2245r HSK F63 CRPD Drawing 63f1001 380v 400 / 800hz 12 / 24000rpm electrospindle 13hp 9.6kw 24a.4p
  • IMT Spindle Classic 100 A45 Pt1000 Namur Sensor Electrospindle Cod. 10643540
  • Electrospindle Model ES951 ISO30 Power 6.0kw Rpm. 24.000 Short Nose 380v 4 Poles


  • Cooling Chiller Idea 16s / 220v 50hz Cod.16cbm-50-B-F-1
  • Chiller Sch B2000 / B / 2.0kw
  • Chiller Sch B2000 / B / 3.0kw


  • Vacuum Pump AT160b 4kw Code 3534-00.00.00 / At160b With Mounted Flange 90
  • Vacuum Pump AT100b Cod. 3466-00.00.00 / At100g-400 / 460v With 90 Degree Flange Mounted


  • Central Lubrication Pump Ilc Mpo-6 S / Plas 150cc Cod.00.860.3
  • Central Lubrication Pump Ilc Max 40.4.230v Fst.G (Grease)


  • Planetary Gear Af100-010-S2-P1 / Yaskawa Sgmgv-20d Code 3009ap-0015
  • Planetary Gear Af100-007-S2-P1 / Yaskawa Sgmgv-20d Code 3009ap-0017
  • Planetary Gear Af100-015-S2-P1 / Yaskawa Sgmgv-13d Code. 3027ap-0014


  • Servomotor Sgmgv-13dda6f 1.3kw 1500rpm

7) CARTRIDGE for ES779 HSK F63

  • Shaft Kit For Es779hskf63 Dp 400 L-G Cod.H6391h0194a

Moreover, we have:
- Tool holders HSK-F63 (TOOL GRIPPER HSK F63)
- Fuse for Tt140 probe
- Tepro T250 / T300 Pump Filter Set
- Air Filter Element Wf3b / Wf3c K.2032 Filto 98x60x71 C / -1112 For (AT100b)
- Air Filter Element Ar263 Wf9 / 160x98x182 (For AT160b)
- Vacuum Pump Oil P-1
- Set of AT250b Pump Seals
- Air Filter Wf3c Nw40
- Oil Filter Op550 (Pp-6.2)
- Fo63 Oil Filter
- Fo160 Oil Filter
- Psg-860 Oil Mist Filter 149x356 For AT160 Vacuum Pump
- Oil Mist Filter Fps 70x250 For Vacuum Pump AT100
- Orlen Oil Liten Ep-0 17kg
- Lusin Protect G31 Sprey Anticorrosive Agent 400ml
- Metaflux Gleitmetall Paste Spindle Grease 4g -180 C- +1,400 C
- Tool Gripper ISO30 (Tool Gripper ISO30)
- Probe cable TS220 / 260 5m Code 274544-02
- Probe Cable TT140 / TT160 3m Code 310194-03
- Coiled Cable For Tool Probe, Workpiece TT TS Heidenhain 3m Code 747 400-03

If you are interested in the offer or have questions, we will be happy to advise you. For this purpose, please contact the Service Department or the CNC Services and Parts Sales department available in the CONTACT tab

Our employee will contact you as soon as possible. We are able to bring any part to our machines for you, if we do not have it in stock. Thanks to us, your machine will gain a new life and will serve for a long time.

Original spare parts for CNC machines

Original spare parts (new or regenerated) are more durable and ensure trouble-free, long and proper operation of the machine and safe use of the CNC machine. Therefore, the optimal solution in the event of wear of a given part is to replace it with an original replacement. The lower price of non-original spare parts is mainly due to lower quality. A non-original part will therefore be much less durable than its original counterpart and may pose a risk of device failure or deteriorate its operation. Original parts are designed and manufactured specifically for the needs of a given type of machine, which guarantees their fit and efficient and effective work. In this case, the purchase of cheaper substitutes may often turn out to be simply unprofitable.

Non-original spare parts and the manufacturer's warranty

Unfortunately, non-original spare parts also suffer from the fact that they wear out and break down much faster. Therefore, they require replacement more often, which makes such a purchase simply unprofitable. It is also worth remembering that in the event of damage to the machine / device caused by the use of non-original parts, this machine is not subject to free warranty repair. Repairing CNC machines is not the cheapest and can seriously burden the company's budget. For this reason, the safest and cheapest solution is to use only original spare parts. Only this action will allow you to use the device without fear, and in the event of a fault, you can also easily use the manufacturer's warranty.


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