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The use of CNC machines on the example of users of FANUM CNC machine tools

The use of CNC machines: a plotter, milling machine or CNC machining center in industrial production is an endless list of applications. When it would seem that we will not find any more ways to use the machine tool, then the creativity of machine users is pushed ahead :) And this is just great - Our ingenuity continues to surprise and gives the impression that it knows no boundaries.

CNC milling is not only about metalworking. This method is extremely versatile and enables the production of unusual, precise and complex parts for all sectors of the economy. Materials from steel, aluminum, brass and precious metals such as gold or platinum, as well as plastics, laminates, composites and wood are used for CNC milling. As a result, CNC milling is considered to be the most effective method of material processing.

But let's go back to the topic, which is to deal with specific examples of the use of FANUM CNC machines in production. Below are some of our and our clients' backyards.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the automotive industry to process:

  • bodywork, bodywork, chassis and chassis as well as interiors,
  • metal structures and hybrid cars,
  • vehicle suspension frames, bumpers, cockpit cross members, side members and other chassis parts.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the sanitary industry for processing:

  • acrylic bathtubs, shower trays and ceramic toilets,
  • water pipes.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the plastics processing industry for processing:

  • packaging, plastic containers,
  • plastic tools and products by traditional vacuum forming, high pressure forming and Twinsheet,
  • plastic solutions - elements such as for refrigerators and freezers, for clean energy technologies, as well as for lighting products and designer furniture,
  • thermoplastic packaging with Braille markings.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the construction industry

  • interior drywall products, acoustic ceilings, wall panels, acoustic products and materials for fire protection,
  • door frames, doors, windows and stairs,
  • for processing large-size wall elements, prefabricated elements and modular house structures.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the advertising industry

  • curvilinear patterns, cutting, panel cuts,
  • milling of fronts, wall inscriptions, logos, signs, advertising and address plates, decorative panels and exhibition stands.

The use of a CNC machine tool for processing forms made of various materials

  • foams type: PVC, PET, PU, ​​others,
  • wooden and wood-based types: chipboard, plywood, balsa, MDF, HDF, others,
  • composite types: dibond, laminate, other,
  • rubbers and processing additives.

The use of a CNC machine tool for processing structures:

  • furniture: kitchens, wardrobes, etc.,
  • upholstery: boat upholstery, sofas, decorative panels, etc,
  • technical: transport cradles, skeletons, etc.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the sports and tourist equipment industry

  • CNC machining of carbon oars,
  • construction of trailers, special bodies, food trucks.

The use of a CNC machine tool in the modeling industry

  • for CNC machining of models from a wide range of materials and with various structures and densities, incl. polystyrene, PU and PVC foams, MDF, modeling boards and many others,
  • for prototyping complex parts and manufacturing precision components such as mounting brackets, grips, precision parts, housings and assemblies, struts and structural parts.


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