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Quotation of CNC machines for individual orders

Customized CNC Machines

The demand for individual solutions depends on the level of economic development of a given market. The higher the level of development, the greater the requirements related to "customization" of solutions used in CNC machines. Customers from the following industries are particularly interested in an individual offer for CNC machines:
- automotive,
- machine,
- energy,
- armaments,
- aviation,
- shipbuilding.

The rapid technical progress of these industries requires the introduction of machining automation to increase its efficiency.

The construction of a cnc machine on an individual order requires greater involvement in the design, but more and more entrepreneurs see the advantages of dedicated solutions and choose a custom-made machine with additional CNC equipment and accessories instead of the basic version of machines. Thanks to the appropriate configuration, it is possible to perform the entire production process on one machine, or to adjust it structurally to the currently used machine park.

FANUM CNC machine tools: milling plotters, milling machines and 5-axis cnc machining centers, are built strictly according to the needs of customers. Each machine that leaves our production plant is a refined product, taking into account the needs of users: the specificity of the work and the conditions in which the process takes place. The structure prepared in this way ensures efficiency, reliability, functionality and precision of machining.

Help us to prepare a price offer and provide some info in the form:
- work area of ​​the machine tool and dimensions of machined details
- type of processed material
- type of operations performed
- is it unit or batch processing?
- number of tools used during machining.

This will allow us to adjust the offer and find the optimal solution so that the customer can fully use the capabilities of the purchased machine.

We also offer services in the field of commissioning the used FANUM CNC machine tools purchased by you, their repairs, technical inspections and we provide CNC service and maintenance. We also have a wide selection of original spare parts and consumables for all our machine tools - we have our own warehouse.

All licenses necessary for normal operation on the CNC are included in the price of the machine - indefinitely.

What can FANUM machines work with?

Thanks to a wide range of models, FANUM mills can adapt to almost any size and task. Whatever your individual needs, you will find a machine that meets your requirements.

The CNC machine tools available in our offer can be purchased in the form of leasing. It is a solution that allows you to obtain high-quality equipment in a short time and with low initial costs.

If you have any questions, please contact our representatives by phone or e-mail.

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