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Woodworking CNC Machine

Universal CNC machine tool for wood and wood-based materials

The demands of the modern market towards manufacturers of CNC machine tools put the bar high. The machine is expected to be as accurate as possible, thanks to which the workpiece will be of high quality. There is a large selection of precise and efficient machines on the market. However, nowadays, the functionality of a CNC machine tool is mainly considered. Therefore, multifunctional machining centers are an ideal solution for workshops and various types of plants.

Professional and massive, universal Fanum machining centers meet all modern requirements for accuracy, functionality, quality and price. Among all cnc machines in our offer, the Sigma series of machine tools is considered to be the most versatile design. The constructors' assumption was to build a machine for many applications, universal. This is also the opinion of Sigma among our clients. Although initially it was supposed to be a universal woodworking machine, it has been improved over time to such an extent that the Sigma processing is not limited to wood only. This machine tool currently processes any material up to the hardness of aluminum, while maintaining the required accuracy.

The popularity of this series of machines is so great mainly due to its design.

Depending on the model, the size of the machine tool can vary. The machining ranges in the X, Y, Z axes are impressive:

  • X axis (1900-6300) [mm],
  • Y axis (1550-4000) [mm],
  • Z axis (1000-1300) [mm] - the special design of the bottom bracket creates great possibilities in small workshops. With a Z axis stroke of over 1 m, the machine can be accommodated in a room up to 4 m high, which is why it is perfect for small carpentry workshops,
  • A axis unlimited,
  • C axis 720 ° (-360 / + 360 °,

* other ranges on request.

Characteristic features of the Sigma CNC series:

  • compact, massive gantry structure of the milling machine guarantees rigidity and allows for higher feed speeds in linear axes
  • possibility of alternating milling on two console tables or with flat tops. Table tops made of solid aluminum with full separation of machining areas with a removable partition, for 5-axis CNC machining without downtime when reloading milled details
  • when there is a need for large-size milling, you can connect tables (raster, T-slot, console) and work in tandem mode
  • additionally used multi-spindle head (turret) with high-power spindles, allows CNC milling with various tools, without the need to replace, which further reduces the time and increases productivity
  • equipping the machine tool with an automatic loading / unloading system (Sigma FAST, Sigma ZM, Sigma FAST ZM) allows for serial processing of chair, bed and table elements, and after joining the tops, large-size details can be processed
  • the use of two or more processing heads depending on the model (Sigma DUAL, Sigma L).

The use of Sigma CNC machine

In addition to the wood industry, the Sigma CNC machine tool series is used in the modeling industry, where plastics are processed. Production of composite laminate products for the automotive and railways (plating elements and fittings for delivery vans, trucks, locomotives and wagons).

The Sigma CNC machine is also used in:

    foundry industry, the shipbuilding industry, modeling industry, laminate industry, the ceramic industry, construction industry, the horticultural industry, medical industry - prostheses, gynecological and dental chairs.

Thus, the statement that the Sigma is a universal machine tool only for wood is imprecise. It is a universal machine tool for wood, aluminum, plastics, composites, polystyrene, styrodur and other foams or modeling paste. They are able to replace even a few other devices, such as: milling machines, lathes, threading machines, table drills, etc. Comprehensive machining on one machine allows for a significant reduction in the production time of the part, because the cnc operator only needs to run the previously created program, enter material parameters to the computer and attach the workpiece to be machined.

Universal Woodworking CNC Machine

In order for a CNC machine tool to be a universal purchase for years, it is worth considering its choice. Depending on your needs, you can choose the model that best suits the type of work you do. But in order to increase the machining possibilities, you must of course also think about additional equipment and CNC accessories that guarantee reliability, high efficiency and technological usability. Appropriate configuration and equipment makes working on them extremely effective. Our specialists always provide professional advice on the selection of the best variant.

Universal CNC Woodworking Machines of FANUM


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