Robotization of Production Processes

Robotization of Production Processes & Production Automation

Industrial articulated robots and robotic arms are perfect for operating CNC milling machines, CNC machining centers. They turn out to be irreplaceable especially when it comes to the production of elements in long series or lifting the element is difficult due to its large size or weight. Industrial robot will load and unload CNC machines always in exactly the same, perfectly repeatable way, and details weighing up to several hundred kilograms are not an obstacle for it.

Robots to operate CNC machines will give your company new opportunities:

  • Your production line works in three shifts with no additional costs,
  • Speed ​​and efficiency increase, parts production costs decrease,
  • You are able to flexibly manage the volume of production,
  • Monotonous and hard work on the position is performed by an industrial robot that can carry up to 700kg
  • Your company's competitiveness and prestige are increasing,
  • Part of the costs of the position can be covered by EU funds.

The main use of industrial robots in working with milling machines, milling plotters and CNC machining centers:

  • Handling workpieces
    Articulated robots load components into CNC machine tool and collect them after machining.   

  • Palletization of workpieces of various types
    Eg packaging, bottles, ready details of chair legs, tables, parquet door handles   

  • Combining CNC machines into one production line
    The arm robot allows you to combine several work stages. Loading several machines from one source or feeding workpieces to one machine from different sources   

  • Processing of details from wood, metal and plastic
    The industrial robot can manipulate the part around the tool   

  • Manipulating tools
    The articulated robot enables direct tool change on the machine or via an internal tool changer.

Production Improvement with Loading and Unloading Robot

FANUM also offers a system of automatic loading and unloading of furniture boards in the process of cutting boards (plywood; OSB; MDF; HDF; HPL; dibond; alucobond).

Today's market places high demands on production companies. If you want to increase your company's productivity and competitiveness, remember that modernizing machine park is a continuous process. Smart investing always pays off, and robotization of production processes is undoubtedly an area worth focusing on.

Robotization of Production Processes


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