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Excellent performance, unsurpassed quality

Alfa – fully automatic carpentry robot, equipped with 7 interpolated axes, designed for machining of straight components of roof rafters, walls, bridges, etc. made of solid wood or plywood. An innovative combination of the advantages of the gantry construction with two numerically controlled independent clamps allows production of any complicated shape or carpentry joint. The fully automatic component mounting and removal system, equipped with a prefabricate and finished pieces magazine, features the function of automatic component measurement to check cross-section and length of the prefabricate.

Design, mount and finished!

All you have to do is design a roof and VisioBTL will automatically generate a complete machining program which the Alfa will machine and describe subsequent components of the roof rafter!

Put your power tools back on the shelf

Forget cutting, fitting and adjusting - you will immediately appreciate the quality and precision of the pieces machined with the Alfa machine! The most complicated constructions produced with this machine can be assembled like LEGO blocks.

Machining of six sides in one mounting

The Alfa machine, thanks to its multiaxial working head combined with the workpiece rotating apparatus, allows practically any carpentry machining on each side of the workpiece without the necessity of removing it, repositioning and mounting again onto the machine table.

Machining ranges
Axis X* 3000 [mm]
Axis Y* (longitudinal clamp I) 5900 [mm]
Axis P* (longitudinal clamp II) 5900 [mm]
Axis Z* 900 [mm]
Axis A -120/+120 [°]
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
Machined detail
Minimum crosssection of component* 50x50 [mm]
Maximum crosssection of component* 400x400 [mm]
Minimum length of component* 1000 [mm]
Maximum length of component* 14 000 [mm] (option: 20 0000 [mm])
Automatic spindle power (S1) 15 [kW]
Spindle rotation range 0-18000 [rpm]
Automatic spindle power (S1) 15 [kW]
Spindle rotation range 0-18000 [rpm]

* (–) - other range upon request

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