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CNC carpentry line for the production of wooden structures - KAPPA


KAPPA - CNC carpentry line with a total of eleven interpolated axes, equipped with two processing heads:


  1. specialized, tilting and tilting cutting head, working with a circular saw with a large diameter,

  2. universal 2-axis milling head equipped with a high-power electrospindle and a compatible magazine for automatic tool change.

Machine capabilities:

  • CNC saw cutting

  • CNC milling

  • CNC drilling

Carpentry joints:

Trunnions and trunnion holes, tabs, profiles, bevels, rising bevels, dovetail joints and oblique holes. Deburring and gouging can be done without waste, and dovetail joints can be done at all angles and slopes.

As a result, the KAPPA CNC carpentry line has a much higher work efficiency than in the case of single-head machines. The fully automatic part loading and unloading system with a warehouse of prefabricated and finished elements has the function of automatic part measurement to control the cross-section and length of the prefabricated element.

The processing is performed fully automatically, according to programs prepared in CAD / CAM systems that work with any CAD / CAM software on the market, dedicated to carpentry processing.

VisioBTL reduces production implementation time to a minimum. Fast, efficient and intuitive 3D control software with production optimization function, based on the BTL standard, is used to intuitively manage the production capacity of the KAPPA machine tool. The BTL-based software allows you to import machining data from any CAD / CAM system on the market that generates code in this standard.

VisioBTL fully reflects all the functions of the numerical control, which means that the software is 100% compatible with the machine. It is characterized by a clear, easy-to-use interface in Polish. The program allows you to easily calculate the actual machining times, which makes it easier to perform accurate cost calculations at the initial stage of production preparation without the need for physical tests. Basic VisioBTL features:

  • Automatic creation of machining programs based on the BTL code
  • Optimization of the tool path for maximum reduction of machining times
  • Program anti-collision check.

Application of the KAPPA CNC carpentry line

KAPPA is dedicated to the production of ready-made joinery elements, etc., made of wooden beams. The solid structure of the machine and its large dimensions allow for easy processing of large-size elements of roof trusses, glued and solid. The machine is equipped with a system of movable loading trolleys, aimed at moving the workpiece in the machine work area. The specially designed structure of the machine allows the processing of beams with a large cross-section and very long length on all 6 sides.

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