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Atlas – multiaxes carpentry CNC machine, designed for machining of components of roof rafters, walls, bridges, construction arcs etc. made of solid wood, plywood or glulam, equipped with 5 interpolated axes. Atlas is innovative machine with portal construction and universal table.

Machining of five sides in one mounting

The Atlas machine, thanks to its multiaxial working head, allows practically any carpentry machining on five sides of the workpiece without the necessity of removing it, repositioning and mounting again onto the machine table.


Machining ranges
Axis X* 2600-4200 [mm]
Axis Y* 3000-31000 [mm]
Axis Z* 1300 [mm]
Axis A -115/+115 [°]
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
Spindle power 18 - 40 [kW] (S6)
Tool connection HSK F63, HSK A63
Spindle speed range 0-24000 [rpm]
Tool magazines
Revolver tool magazine 15 pcs
Saw blade magazine Diam up to 800 mm
Tool sensors Yes


* (–) - other range upon request

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