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 Gantry CNC 5-axis Universal FANUM Machining Center - SIGMA

SIGMA 5 Axis CNC Milling Machine SIGMA

5-axis CNC Gate Machining Center in various types of equipment is a universal and very precise 5-axis CNC milling machine. The compact, massive design of the milling machine guarantees rigidity and allows for higher feed rates in the linear axes, as well as increasing the range of the vertical Z axis stroke, during processing: cnc milling, cnc drilling, cutting (cutting, trimming). The Sigma CNC milling machine enables 5-axis precise CNC milling:

  • aluminum
  • wood
  • synthetic materials
  • composites
  • materials of similar hardness (CORIAN, DIBOND, MDF, HPL, HIMAX, etc.), styrodur, foams

The two-table design with full separation of the machining areas by means of a removable partition allows for five-axis CNC machining alternately, without downtime when loading / unloading milled details. If you need large-size milling, you can connect tables (raster, T-slot, console) and work in tandem mode. In addition, the multi-spindle (turret) head used allows CNC milling with various tools, which further reduces the time and increases productivity. Several versions of the machining ranges in the X, Y, Z axes are available to suit individual customer needs.

5 Axis CNC Universal Portal Milling Machine

In summary, the described type of CNC machine - 5-axis Sigma - will be used in virtually every enterprise and production plant that deals with the processing of elements from a very wide range of materials. The popularity of this series of milling machines is so great mainly due to its design. Depending on the model, the size of the machine tool can vary. The machining ranges in the X, Y, Z axes are impressive: X axis (1900-6300) [mm], Y axis (1550-4000) [mm], Z axis (1000-1300) [mm]. The special design of the bottom bracket creates great opportunities in small workshops. With a Z axis stroke of over 1 m, the machine fits in a room up to 3.5 meters high, which makes it a great CNC for carpentry and small carpentry workshops. Examples of use of a cnc milling machine: for the production of chairs, tables, beds, stairs, forms and 2D 3D models.

CNC for stairs

Compass Software CAD 10 CAM / CNC / DXF on a FANUM machine

This offer is for carpentry shops, for stair manufacturers - where the most important are: possibilities, speed of construction, efficiency. The Sigma CNC milling machine works with the Compass software. This is great news for smaller carpentry shops that can now manufacture stairs in CNC quality. The ability to export DXF is a standard feature of Compass CAD10 programs. In Compass you can print paper templates (on plotters or dot matrix printers) or print "electronic templates", ie DXF files. DXF file can be freely processed in external programs and imported to the program supplied with the VisioCNC machine.

Another convenience for manufacturers of stairs is the equipment of the CNC machine tool with a LAP laser graphic projector. The laser will help you set the suction cups, making sure that the tool will not damage them, fix and position the material on the table, taking into account the minimum allowances. Designing, constructing stairs, 3D visualization for the client, printing templates in a 1: 1 scale has never been easier. The offered laser is also compatible with the Compass CAD10 CAM / DXF / CNC software. The control program attached to the laser allows you to read DXF files.

Video from the implementation of Compass CAD / CAM / CNC 10 on the Fanum CNC machine

Link to the movie:

Machining ranges
Axis X* 3400 (1900-6300) [mm]
Axis Y* 2400 (1550-4000) [mm]
Axis Z* 1000 (1000-1300) [mm]
Axis A unlimited
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
automatic spindle 5,5-18 [kW] HSK F63, ISO 30
manual spindle 7,5-10 [kW] ER32, ER40, HSK-C40

* (–) - other range upon request

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