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Wood CNC Machining Center - SIGMA DUAL

Two-head CNC 5 Axis Milling Machine for Furniture

The SIGMA DUAL multi-axis CNC machining center has 10 or 12 interpolated axes and a compact gantry construction.

DUAL is an extended version of the SIGMA CNC machine. The basic difference between these two machines is that the DUAL version has instead of one, two independent, multi-spindle heads. Each CNC working head can perform the same or different, complementary operations. DUAL's important advantage is use of two 5-axis universal heads. This allows simultaneous processing of complicated workpieces in two working areas or independent production of two different components ("tandem" mode).

The CNC tables are then connected to each other and work as one integrated Y axis. The DUAL series has, depending on the version, from 10 to 12 interpolated axes. The efficiency of the CNC control system with such a large number of interpolated axes is guaranteed by the extremely efficient CNC controllers used by the manufacturer.

To take full advantage of the capabilities of such an extensive machine, the width of the gate has been increased by more than 2 meters. The total stroke of movement of the heads along the gate - the X axis, here is about 6 meters, and each head can move over a distance of over 4 meters. Machine is equipped with two independent tables with FANUM beams. Work tables ranges (double, interpolated Y axis) can have different values ​​- depending on the buyer's requirements.

To ensure reliability and long, trouble-free use, milling electro-spindles are equipped with precision ceramic bearings (additionally cooled with compressed air). Safety systems that protect the machine against overload: overcurrent and thermal are standard.

The machine has been equipped with special brushes for scraping the dust and chips created during machining into channels located in the base of the work tables. This solution allows the use of a dedusting system that does not restrict access of 5-axis heads to the workpiece.

FANUM's innovative and functional approach to machine construction allows to make some modifications at the customer's request:

  1. electro-spindles with higher power or speed,
  2. another type of magazine for automatic tool change:
  • linear magazine
  • revolver magazine (rotary),

choosing a different type of head - the use of two rotary heads (several electro-spindles each) shortens the machining time and improves the machine's efficiency.

CNC's accessories:

  • measuring probes for measuring the diameter and length of machining tools - the measurement is automatically entered into the tool library in the CNC machine controller, thanks to which the machining is always perfect, since any errors that can occur during tool change and manual measurement are eliminated,
  • work tables - raster, T-slot, hybrid (raster + T-slots), beam consoles, vacuum tops mounted on beams
  • fastening systems - base cylinders, suction cups, clamps, pneumatically operated loading bars
  • and many other innovative technological solutions.

DUAL is a universal 5-axis CNC wood milling machine, which is great for furniture production. The wide range of processed materials allows it to be used also in other industrial sectors, in a mass-production system, as a 5-axis CNC milling machining center:

  • in model making - cnc milling of injection molds, foundry moulds and 3D models,
  • in automotive and railways - for milling composite laminates (elements of plating and equipment, van and truck building, locomotives and wagons).
Number of axes of interpolation 10, 12
Machining ranges
Axis X* 3400 (3400-6300) [mm]
Axis Y* 2400 (1550-4000) [mm]
Axis Z* 1000, 1300 [mm]
Axis A unlimited
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
automatic spindle 5,5-18 [kW] HSK F63, ISO 30
manual spindle 7,5-10 [kW] ER32, ER40

* (–) - other range upon request

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