Specialized CNC Machines


LAMBDA VTM - 5-axis CNC machining center

CNC gantry milling machine for metal, aluminum, plastics and composites


Lambda VTM is a solid and efficient machining center with great possibilities. VTM belongs to a series of large-format machine tools for the production of complex large-size components.

GANTRY type CNC milling machine

The gantry-type structure (mobile bridge) allows for stiffness, with a very large operation field of the machine tool. Depending on the customer's request, access to the machine for loading workpieces is provided from the front or side.

Choose the tools for your needs!

Configure the machine to meet your technological needs. Choose the machining field, head type and CNC accessories you need. Lambda VTM is manufactured for automatic tool changing. Depending on the specifics of the cnc machining planned by the client, it can be equipped with specialized:

  • measuring probes
  • tool magazines
  • workpiece component systems.

CNC machining center equipment

Depending on the purpose of the machine tool, an appropriate tilting and tilting processing head is selected: having one or two supports and a power spindle.

Tool magazine
Each of the offered spindles enables automatic tool change, which - when adapted to manual change - has a significant impact on the optimization of machining time. Depending on the type of production and the number of tools, we offer two types of tools:

- a revolver magazine, mounted on a mobile gate (10 sockets) - the advantage of the solution is a quick tool change without the need to leave the gate
- a strip magazine, mounted on the machine tool table - a solution used when there is no need to change tools or when the use of tools with dimensions for the first time is used. It is also much more economical.

Measurement probes
Measuring probe TS230 / 640 for precise measurement and workpiece alignment in data processing. Measurement cycles for automatic precise measurement and setting of the prefabricated element.

Length and goods measuring sensor TT140
The actual length and tools of the tool are measured directly on the machine, after the tool is removed from the tool magazine. The measured value is considered in a shift program.

The use of Lambda VTM CNC machining center

The CNC machine is applicable, among others, in foundry and yacht model shops, ensuring comprehensive processing of the detail during one clamping. The rigid steel structure guarantee the fidelity and accuracy of the workpiece in the entire space of the machine. The solution for use in making models, yachts, laminates and wherever accuracy and a large field of operation of the machine count.

LAMBDA VTM CNC Machining Center

CNC machining ranges
Axis X* 3200-4700 [mm]
Axis Y* 4000-31000 [mm]
Azis Z* 1600-2500 [mm]
Axis A -115/+115 [°]
Axis C -360/+360 [°]
Power ES779 12 [kW] (S6)
ES789 18 [kW] (S6)
ES510 35 [kW] (S6)
Spindle speed range 0-24000 [rpm]
CNC control
Type Osai, Heidenhain, Siemens

* (–) - other range on request

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