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CNC machines manufacturing

CNC Machine tools: Milling machines,
Milling Plotters, CNC Machining Centers for Wood, Aluminum, Plastics

We have been building CNC 5-axis professional and 3-axis numerically controlled machine tools since 2007. FANUM's advantage is excellent knowledge of the domestic market and its issues (We are both a manufacturer of CNC machines and their users in our other production plants), which allowed us to develop a specific model not only of the production offer, but also the system of sales and implementations of the offered machines on the Polish market.

A significant percentage of machines built by FANUM are tailor-made - built on the individual order of the buyer. Thanks to this, in the process of configuring the structure and equipment, all the buyer's requirements are taken into account, and therefore these machines can have different dimensions of interpolated axis jumps, power of electro-spindles and other parameters that make every customer receive a device optimally adapted to the production needs of his plant.

Construction and assembly of CNC machines

Our pride is the fact that from the very beginning - from initial designs to final assembly - we do everything (all types of CNC machines) in our production plant located in Wielopole Skrzyński in south-eastern Poland.

We make the construction ourselves and the most important components of CNC machine tools (like bodies - machined entirely from a single assumption, heads, work tables) from the best materials available on the market, using the most accurate machines from proven manufacturers. Other components (CNC control, servo drives, electrospindles, inverters for controlling electrospindles, gearboxes, rail guides and ball screws) come from reputable manufacturers from Japan, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland.

CNC Machine Tests

The ability to control quality at every stage of production allows us to offer you CNC machines free from defects and in the highest quality. Before the CNC machine reaches the customer it undergoes a number of our tests. One of the decisive moments is the first technical acceptance in our factory and checking the correctness and quality of processing in the presence of the buyer.

CNC Operator Training

CNC machines support. No less important are the further stages of production implementation: the machine tools are installed at the buyer's headquarters by the manufacturer's technicians, and future CNC operators are properly trained. Most often, the training consists in starting production on the machine tool by a technician together with operators assigned to operate the machine. This model guarantees a smooth start of production with minimal risk of complications in the first, most difficult phase of starting production on a new machine.

CNC Machine Service

FANUM on the domestic market additionally offers full customer support through the best instant CNC machine service. Over 40 years of industry experience of the founders of the company means that from the very beginning of our existence on the market we were certain that high quality after-sales technical service is our duty.

Sale of CNC machines

The above actions prove their effectiveness in sales statistics. Our production plant of CNC FANUM machines enjoys a close to 100% ratio of customers loyal to the brand on the Polish market, appreciating the above-standard high quality of offered CNC machine tools and after-sales service (our best clients have 6-7 FANUM CNC machine tools in their factories, which replaced CNC machines of other known foreign producers).

FANUM - Polish CNC 3, 4, 5 Axis Machine Tools


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  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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