Działanie 1.1.1

Działanie 1.1.1

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Investments in Research and Development of CNC Machine Tools

Modern CNC Machine Technology

The automation and robotization of factories as well as the improvement of production processes are the result of constantly progressing digitization. The fourth industrial revolution somehow "forces" continuous investments in research into the improvement of products - CNC machines.

This is great news for current and future FANUM customers. As a leading manufacturer of modern multi-axis CNC machine tools, we aim at continuous development of innovative solutions that increase the productivity and flexibility of our partners' production. As part of the development work, our talented engineers, in cooperation with scientists, research and scientific units, work on:

  1. Development of prototypes of CNC machine tools
  2. Optimization of cutting strategies and parameters
  3. Design and optimization of production processes

The effects of these activities include patented and implemented in machine tool control systems:

  • auto-correction of working head parameters.
  • automated positioning system for machining operations, taking into account shape errors of the processed detail

The implementation of the goals set for the future will allow us to offer our customers products "tailored to their needs".

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