Robotization & Automation of Production Processes

Robotization & Automation of Production Processes

To meet the clients' expectations of continuous improvement and increasing the efficiency of their production plants, FANUM offers broadly defined robotics - automation of production processes. We base activities related to robotics on the analysis (technical and economic) of the client's needs, conducted in the form of an audit. Thanks to this we set expectations and then strive to meet them. This allows to maximize production efficiency and thus investment profitability.

Industrial Articulated Arm Robots

Industrial robotic arms are used to replace people in arduous and dangerous works. Most often arm robots perform following tasks:

  • risky (e.g. press support or work in a chemically aggressive environment),
  • monotonous (e.g. production line support)
  • requiring high physical strength (e.g. unloading, loading),
  • requiring extreme precision (e.g. advanced material processing).

Thanks to the robotization of production processes, it is possible to optimize employment and shift employees to tasks in which they will work and feel better - less physically demanding, but requiring invention and making decisions based on knowledge and experience. Secondly, the use of industrial robotic arms has the goal of increasing productivity by increasing efficiency and reducing costs, as well as improving competitiveness. Arm robots in the production process suit best in large factories, but they also perfectly fit into the production profile of smaller manufacturers.

Robotization of Production Processes


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