Hybrid Manufacturing System

Lambda Hybrid series

Innovative solution combining efficient large-scale
3D Printing and 5 axis Milling

FANUM developed and implemented an additive manufacturing (AM) which is large scale 3D printing technology to 5-axis CNC milling machine. This system enables 3D printing of models and then milling them to the required tolerances and accuracy on one CNC machine.

Adaptation of the milling machine for 3D printing is done by hanging the head next to the spindle (for G.12 and G20) or adding an additional print bar (for G.50 and higher capacities). In addition, we design a system for drying and transport of pellet and the system for mounting printed model to the "table".

There are four series of printheads available : 

  • series G.12 with capacity up to 12kg/h
  • series G.20 with a capacity of up to 20kg/h
  • series G.50 with a throughput up to 50kg/h
  • series G.200 with a capacity of up to 200kg/h

For more efficient work we integrated the print head with the control of the milling machine by adding a servo drive. It can print in a typical planar way on the surface of the table or at an angle up to 45 degrees which allows to print for example boat hulls without supports.

3D Printing parameters

  • Extruder output: 12-200 kg/h
  • Extruder temperature: 260 °C - 400 °C
  • Printing nozzles: 4-25 mm
  • 3D printer work area: similar to machining ranges
  • Printing speed: up to 20 m/min

Additive manufacturing in combination with a subtractive system overcomes the limits of the pure additive method, which allows the production of near net shape parts.

Nozzles with high material flow allows fast printing. Printing accuracy does not have to be perfect. The required part accuracy can be achieved by milling.

3D Printing materials

Materials developed by our specialists are perfect for cnc machining and after using the model can be recovered by the GAMART regranulation line.

  • Basic materials: PE, PP
  • Reinforced materials: carbon, glass or natural fiber
  • Upon request: ABS, PLA, PA, PC, PET, PPS,  PEEK, PEKK





We provide professional training for operators. During the training we teach to use programs for cutting models (slicers) and we modify our postprocessor to customer's machine g-code specification.

3D Printing applications

  • Prototyping
  • Molds
  • Small batch production
  • Production process support

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