VisioCNC - The FANUM program designed to visualize and simulate.

Each of our CNC machine tools is equipped with a personalized version of VisioCNC software. This program is used to check, simulate and optimize work programs created using CAD / CAM software available on the market. The advantage of our software is that it also gives the possibility to create parametric macro machining subprograms. Based on direct simulation, compliant with ISO G codes, it gives the opportunity to accurately map the operation of the controller, making VisioCNC an excellent tool for monitoring programs, detecting and correcting any possible collisions during machining and machine settings

Basic features of the program:

  • toolpath optimization
  • visualization of machine operation
  • checking the limits of interpolated axes
  • minimizing production times
  • autocorrect
  • anti-collision module

Built-in parametric macros

The VisioCNC program has a number of pre-prepared parametric macro programs that enable the design of many basic machining operations without the use of external CAM software. This program also allows you to extend your own macro programs.








FANUM machines management software features:

  • intuitive and simple interface
  • quick access to the machine's most important options
  • extensive machine diagnostics
  • quick axis overrun checks in ISO programs
  • advanced operation of component and tool probes

PCX - program for easy operation of all machine functions

PCX software is an interface supporting the operator in standard operations, such as:

  • tool measurement probe support
  • current machine operation (operating mode, manual lubrication)
  • organization of the tool database
  • quick checking of axis crossings in ISO programs
  • positioning the detail on the table with a touch probe.


         Hole calibration window with a measuring probe                                                Tool measurement window


FANUM CNC machining centers can cooperate with any CAD / CAM software on the market. Choosing the right software should be dependent on the expected production profile, intuitive programming, the quality of the generated G-code, as well as the preferences of developers. Advanced 3D CAD software used in the design of machine tools, gives you a thorough analysis of every aspect related to the operation of CNC machine before it is manufactured.

We cooperate with suppliers of following CAM software, such as:

SolidCAM  NX  AlphaCam  EdgeCAM  V-Carve  Cobus

Hypermill  Catia  Delcam  TopSolid  PowerMill SolidWorks

Reverse engineering

Both the professional 3-dimensional scanner and touch sensitive measuring rails allow the transfer of physically existing solids to the CAD/CAM software in the form of a map of points facilitating the production of a surface model or finished surface.


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