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Polish CNC machining center

CNC machining of composites for aviation and automotive industry

Carbon fibers, Kevlar, aluminum and aramid honeycombs are modern composites with an ever wider range of applications in various industries. The industrial processing of these materials requires special machines and a lot of experience both on the part of the equipment supplier and the user.

The latest version of the Lamdba VTS machine tool from the upper gantry machine family offered by Fanum, a Polish manufacturer of advanced machining centers, is the best example of this. The machine tool was commissioned by the manufacturer of military helicopters from Mielec to work with a palette of the most advanced composite materials. In addition to the efficiency and accuracy of processing, the Customer and Fanum put special emphasis on the ergonomics and comfort of using the machine, which can be seen at the first contact with the equipment: a fully closed working area with a special folding roof with a dedicated dust extraction system made by another Polish subcontractor, in practice eliminate dust in the hall and significantly reduce its amount inside the machine tool. Equally important is the state-of-the-art dust extraction hood located around the machine's working spindle. A special smooth positioning system enables precise and optimal positioning of the hood during work, sucking the material directly from under the tool. A special system of chip extraction channels does not in any way limit the smooth movements of the machine in the A and C rotary axes of the working head.

The CNC machine tool movement ranges in the horizontal axes are 3.7 m and 5.5 m, and in the vertical axis as much as 1500 mm. What is very important for every investor, the Polish manufacturer precisely matched the dimensions of the machine to the dimensions of the existing hall. All necessary installations around the machine tool have been thought out and agreed with the customer. This individual approach to each user has been Fanum's hallmark for years, especially in the context of foreign competition.

The head itself is very compact, yet stiff and strong: equipped with A and C axis brakes for efficient indexed machining, the spindle power is up to 22 kW, and the tool itself is attached with the HSK-A63 holder. The spindle has a precise encoder, which allows not only threading, but also precise positioning of ultrasonic knives for cutting composites. Optional dual servo drives in each axis and direct position measurement with absolute rulers guarantee the highest precision and quality of machining composites and aluminum. The machine tool is also offered in a version with linear drives for even better dynamic parameters.

At the customer's request, Fanum made a very solid T-slot table in the form of a cast iron. The machine table at the customer's site is embedded in a special recess in the floor. Such assembly not only effectively increases the clearance of the Z axis of the machine, but also enables convenient loading of the work area with a forklift or pallet truck. Importantly, the folding roof of the machine tool has its own drive with the automatic rolling function in order to make the working area available for reloading using an overhead crane or crane.

Depending on the application, the machine can be equipped with many different functions and additional equipment.

The machine is equipped with,e.g:

  • mobile operator console,
  • automatic tool magazines,
  • measuring probes,
  • tool cooling systems, including cold, compressed air
  • specialized vacuum clamping systems.

One of the arguments in favor of choosing a Polish delivery truck is a very fast and efficient manufacturer's service, which is crucial for maintenance in the customer's industry. Fanum ensures that each service intervention by a technician is preceded by full machine diagnostics via a remote link, which in practice eliminates the so-called "Empty runs" of the service technician just to find out which component has failed. What's more, statistically over 90% of problems can be solved remotely. The extended diagnostics module allows for very quick detection of failure symptoms of key components, such as the milling spindle or drive transmission elements. Thanks to this, the service can be planned well in advance, without disturbing the production plan.

The best CNC service

This approach to customer service brings a measurable effect: Fanum boasts that the average service repair time in 2019, counted from the moment of receiving the request to solving the problem, was less than 24 hours.


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