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FANUM company directory

CARPOL sp. z o.o. is a leader in vehicle adaptation on the Polish automotive market. They make car bodies (box bodies, workshop tippers, international bodies, VAN bodies) that fully meet the needs and expectations of each client. Carpol specializes in the adaptation (construction) of delivery vehicles, buses, brigade vehicles, isotherms, armored vehicles, intervention and rescue vehicles and adapting vehicles to the needs of the disabled. Examples of products:

- cabins,

- sleeping cabins, Backsleeper,

- profiled armchairs,

- fenders,

- mud flaps,

- lighting (lamps).

Carpol uses the best materials (ABS boards, plastics, upholstery materials) and maintains attention to detail when making the built-in structures. As a result, over the years, the company has developed a leading position among bodybuilders in Poland and is authorized by most brands of delivery vans (in the segment up to 3.5 t GVW). CARPOL produces bodies for such brands as: OPEL, RENAULT, CITROEN, TOYOTA, MERCEDES, IVECO, FORD, MAN, FIAT, VOLKSWAGEN.

CNC milling machines for car builders

CARPOL has a machine park which guarantees the high quality of all elements of the construction. It uses five-axis plotters for production, as well as the LAMBDA ST FANUM CNC Machining Center.

The versatile and multifunctional 5-axis CNC milling machine LAMBDA ST is available in numerous additional equipment, such as measuring probes, tool cooling systems (compressed air, oil mist), vacuum pumps, vacuum cnc table (raster, T-slot, Hybrid). Thanks to their versatility and many available equipment options, Lambda ST CNC machine tools reach many recipients of many industries: modeling, foundry, automotive, shipbuilding, aviation and railway industries.

CNC for Upholstery

It goes to plants dealing with the production of plastics, composite materials, aluminum processing (molds, models - models made of waterproof plywood, models of yachts, boat hooves, water bikes, car bodies), production of furniture and interior furnishings, up to art and wood carving CNC.


  • Wielopole Skrzyńskie 11B
  • 39-110 Wielopole Skrzyńskie
  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
e-mail: Contact form