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G’POWER is a prominent brand on the professional market of kayak /canoe paddles. GP is the precursor in the making of “wing blade” paddles in Central and Middle-Eastern Europe. In the beginning,the paddlesand the forms for them were made in 100% in "hand made" technology.

In 2010, model production and machining of paddles began using a CNC milling machine. Since then, hand-made prototypes have been scanned and modeled in 3D technology. Prepared CAD computer model without manual forming inaccuracies allows to produce molds for mass production. Prepared models are milled with a CNC plotter which allows achieving the highest precision. In addition, the oars are machined using CNC machines, which means that each oar is perfectly reproduced from the original.

CNC for Carbon

G'POWER uses the Lambda VT machining center in its production of carbon canoe paddles. CNC machining centers of the VT series are CNC machines for plastics, composite materials, carbon and glass fibers, ceramics, polymer composites, electrical insulation materials, aluminum and of course wood and wood-based materials. They are excellent as machines for the production of large-format advertisements, production of elements of sailing yachts, motor boats and planes, in foundry molding houses and in the production of all kinds of other forms for thermoforming, for rotomoulding forms and large-size models in the defense, automotive, railway, shipbuilding industries.


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