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FANUM company directory

FANUM Lambda ST CNC milling machine at POLBRUK

CNC for building and road components and garden architecture

Polbruk, headquartered in Gdańsk, has been operating in Poland for 28 years, and has been part of the international CRH concern for 24 years. CRH is one of the key distributors of building materials in the world, employing approximately 90,000 people. people in over 30 countries.
Polbruk is a leading Polish manufacturer of high-quality construction products: paving stones, paving slabs, lawn edges and many other road products, it is the largest manufacturer of concrete materials on the Polish market for the arrangement of stylish surfaces and small architecture.

Lublin, Warsaw and Kielce are just some of the eighteen Polish cities where Polbruk's modern production plants are located. Their products are widely used.

A small CNC milling machine for prototyping and processing of garden and building architecture products

palisades, flower pots, walls, stair steps and fences

Lambda ST CNC milling machine with a machining design support system

Machining ranges of the CNC milling machine

X = 1700 Y = 2400 Z = 700

Equipment of the 5 axis Lambda ST CNC milling machine

● work table - flat, cast iron with T-slots,
● milling head - two-axis swivel ST7,
● electrospindle - adapted for quick tool change ATC - liquid cooled,
● 5 fully interpolated numerically controlled axes,
● HSD electrospindle with a nominal power of 10kW (S1),
● CNC OSAI control
● FANUM VisioCNC software - a system supporting production design,
● probe for measuring the length and diameter of tools - Heidenhain TT160 type,
● linear tool magazine - number of sockets 10 pcs
● a set of pneumatically controlled pins on the outer edges of the working table.

3D machining of materials: plastics (boards, foams, etc.), polymer composites, laminates, resins, etc., wood and wood-based materials, aluminum.

Paving stones and paving slabs make it possible to create original and innovative home and public spaces. Concrete cubes can be used to build driveways and garden paths, as well as to arrange urban spaces. The most famous Polbruk projects include Piotrkowska Street in Łódź, the restored Gdańsk Wrzeszcz railway station, and the Kościuszko Square in Gdynia.
Sustainable development policy

"The policy of sustainable development and social responsibility of the brand is a conscious business culture and a wide range of activities that have a real impact on the internal and external environment. All steps that the company takes in the spirit of the sustainable development strategy show that Polbruk is not only high-quality products. values ​​such as education, concern for safety and the environment, charity and an attitude to cooperation and commitment of the entire team We respect social values ​​and constantly respond to the needs of a changing environment, thanks to which we can meet new challenges, including those on the market. that the inclusion of social interests in a long-term strategy has a positive impact on many business aspects. "

Polbruk's portfolio includes over 400 products from the following segments: Style, Classic, TOP: Terrace-Garden-Patio, as well as industrial solutions used to build squares, promenades, parking lots and sidewalks all over Poland. Polbruk offers many patterns of noble and decorative plates and cubes of various shapes, colors and sizes, as well as ecological products. Their offer also includes the ARCHITECTURE rope with many complementary products enabling comprehensive arrangement solutions: surfaces, edges, palisades, flower pots, walls, stair steps and fences.

Polbruk products can be found in prestigious locations and architectural facilities throughout Poland, incl. on the famous Piotrkowska Street in Łódź, on the promenade surrounding the impressive Tauron Arena stadium in Kraków, around the monumental Monument to the Defenders of the Coast on Westerplatte, at the Gdańsk Wrzeszcz railway station or Kościuszko Square in Gdynia. They are also located on the historic Town Square in Boguchwała and the modern Lea 25 apartment complex in Krakow. They are also one of the implementation elements of the TechPark Kanlux, a modern office, technology and exhibition center in Radzionków, which was awarded the prestigious European Property Awards 2017.

In addition to high-quality products and modern design, it also offers assistance in the preparation of a complete space arrangement project. As part of the service, Polbruk designers develop a design, detailed material specification and visualization as part of a 3D design. Thanks to this, each of their clients can enjoy an individual project tailored to their needs.


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  • NIP: 818-16-55-251
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